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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Special Event

Contribution to New Parks Community

Stokes Wood Primary School was recognised for its outstanding contribution to the New Parks Community. The awards took part at a Leicester City Football Club in the Community event before the final Women’s Super League match v Liverpool at the King Power Stadium.

Time for some scientific fun!

Young and older pupils, joined by their parents, had the school buzzing with scientific fun for British Science Week. Under the theme ‘Time’, teachers invited families to take part in a range of entertaining and educational activities.
Whoops of delight were heard from our Galaxy class as children investigated the chemical reaction between acid and bicarbonate of soda. They also held a competition to see who could make the biggest bubble tower. At the end of a great day, children took home the pots of sunflower seeds they had planted to keep a diary of how plants grow.
In our DSP unit, children learned about lifecycles, studying how humans get older and finding out how eggs transform into larvae which in turn transform into pupae which finally transform into adult butterflies.
Nursery and Reception children observed the lifecycle of a butterfly too, with parents being invited for the great flight-off when the newly hatched butterflies were set free. Reception children also enjoyed a great day out at Leicester Botanic Garden where they explored exotic plants in the hothouse and took a dip in a pond to observe the types of minibeast that lurk beneath the surface.
Year 1 children and their parents took part in a number of activities to celebrate British Science Week:  pupils did a magic flower experiment where they folded flowers on water and watched them open up again on their own; they made cornflour slime to observe what happened when they moved their hands through the slime quickly and slowly; and they used the Funnybones storybook to build a skeleton.
By making a seasons wheel, Year 2 pupils had the opportunity to explore the cyclical nature of how their environment changes with each passing season. This activity invited our budding meteorologists to consider seasonal and daily weather patterns and how the passing seasons affect our daily lives.  
The children In Year 3 examined the lifecycle of a sunflower and set up an observational experiment to monitor the growth of their sunflower over a four-week period. Parents were invited to help children plant their seeds. Pupils then took their plant pots home for the sunflowers to start growing over the holiday and for them to continue their observations.
In Year 4, some wobbly wonderkids made and tested jelly recipes. They learned that jelly sets over time and investigated different methods for preparing jelly that slows down the setting process.
Meanwhile, next door in Year 5, pupils were investigating reversible and irreversible reactions by making a glove inflate from the gas produced by a chemical reaction.
In Year 6, pupils were left in the dark as they experimented with the length of shadows. By moving the light source closer to and farther away from the object, in a fair-test investigation, they observed how the length of the shadow changed.

Click on photo to watch a slideshow of the activities done for Science Week


Family Event May 2024

70 children and family members attended the mini beast family event. They enjoyed searching for live mini beasts in the forest school, hunting for pictures of mini beasts in the woodland walk, making art and craft mini beasts and litter picking of course! Everyone enjoyed hot dogs and cake afterwards.    

Easter Assembly

Four Year 4 pupils performed a simple but poignant role play of the Easter story and then children from each class presented their Easter messages of Peace, love, serving, care and forgiveness. The children and staff send these messages out to the whole world , especially where there is so much suffering due to war, hunger and sadness.
Click on the links to see the videos.

Easter Assembly 2024 link

Our Easter messages for you

Leicester Wombles Litter in Education

Stokes Wood Primary School won a new litter picking kit which was presented to the children by Geoff Walker in assembly. We will make good use of it.