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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Visitors and Parent Comments

Visitor and Parents’ comments about our school.

Mrs Citci's reading class

Good morning

Just a quick email to say how impressed I was with Mrs Ciftci’s reading class yesterday, the passion she showed to the children was amazing. Bertie was very lucky to have her as his main teacher in Year 2.

Kind regards Fiona

East Midlands School Seminars

Good morning Jane,

On behalf of the EM DCSs and RDs, I am writing to thank you for delivering informative and engaging sessions during our online schools’ seminars. The feedback has been highly positive. Your in-depth subject knowledge, approach to the topic, and presentation style all worked well. I hope you will not mind us approaching you again for similar opportunities to share best practice with and learn from the regional colleagues.  
We have shared your presentation with the delegates.

Kind regards Khalid Mahmood (Programme Manager - Regional Improvement and Innovation Alliance)

Anti-Bullying event

The activity at the King Power Stadium which focused on Anti-bullying was excellent. The children were enthusiastic, engaged fully and were a credit to Stokes Wood Primary School.

Rob Osborn (Anti-bullying Governor)

ICATS Mental Health and Wellbeing Study

First, I would like to say a HUGE thank you for another wonderful visit at Stokes Wood. Your children were so co-operative and well behaved, and I always enjoy their enthusiasm with the iCATS ‘fun’ activities! Amy and I had a lovely afternoon so thank you for that. I would also like to add how friendly and welcoming all of the staff are – another reason why it is always such a pleasure to come to Stokes Wood!
Dr Jennifer Fisk (Postdoctoral Researcher)
Identifying Child Anxiety Through Schools (iCATS)
Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

National Disabilty Championships

just wanted to say how wonderful it was to see your "team" at the National Championships in Coventry last week . So good to see the children and their parents but also so well supported by your staff - wow. How do you manage to get such fantastic buy in AND at a weekend. It says oceans and I know that you truly see the benefits of your workforce going the extra mile. Practice like this in all schools could make such a difference. Jane congratulations to all concerned.

With best wishes Nicky Collett (Retired Sports Development Manager for Leicester City Schools)

Author visit

just want to say the most enormous thank you for welcoming me to your school yesterday.
I was very impressed by how beautifully all the students sat and listened.  Year 2 came up with so many brilliant describing words in the workshop- my favourite was “moist”. They were brilliantly engaged, it really was a pleasure. I never take my camera into schools because of safeguarding, so if you have any pictures of their superb jellyfish, I would be delighted to see them.

I hope to have the opportunity to visit your beautiful school again in the future.

With best wishes Chloe Savage (Author)

LCFC Mental Health Awareness Day

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting a group of your amazing Year 6 pupils and Ms Shaw at the LCFC Mental Health Awareness Day. They were all friendly, encouraging and confident individuals, who shared their ideas, listened to others and worked cooperatively with children from different schools. One of your boys (non-verbal) partnered up with a (non-verbal) girl from my class and he confidently took charge of the task. He worked cooperatively with his partner, asked other children questions and recorded their answers, he smiled and showed obvious enjoyment in what he was doing.  I know Ms Shaw was very proud. The whole group was a credit to Stokes Wood and I enjoyed meeting every single one of them.

Regards Helen Barrs (Year 5 Teacher at St Mary's Fields)

Regarding BBC East Midlands Today report

It is a heart warming video. I am so proud of it and that my son is being educated in your school.
The cost of living hit everyone and the different services who are going on strikes as well. Thank you for your stand up at the community and families, children.

Kind regards A Parent

Anti-bullying event at the King Power Stadium

It was an interesting day for us all.
I enjoyed the tour and the children were active and enquiring.
All were well behaved and learnt about the benefits of positive interactions.
Again, our children were a credit to us all.

From Ian Brierley, Safeguarding Governor

It was so good to be back in school on September 15th for the year four Egyptian Day. It’s always a pleasure to work in such a friendly and organised school. Reception staff, as always, greeted me in a warm way and made the setting up of resources as easy as possible for me. They also seem to know all of the children and it feels like they are an integral part of the school. Thanks to the year four staff for making the visit run as smoothly as possible. They have such clear expectations and boundaries from their students which resulted in the children being fully engaged with their learning and being fantastically well behaved throughout the whole visit. It was clear that staff had taught the students specific aspects of the topic prior to my visit (knowing from previous visits what was to be expected on the day). This resulted in the children cementing their knowledge but also building on from what they have already been taught with new learning. It was clear the children wanted to learn as much as possible as they had lots of sensible questions. The children were very respectful to both me as a visitor in school and also with all of the resources that I brought in, this is really appreciated. Each time either myself or Greg are in your school teaching we always find each year group are well behaved with a thirst for knowledge. We look forward to working for you again later in the year.

Lisa McCarthy (The Specialists)

You have taken good care of my children and I truly thank you for being their second family.  We will all be sad to go, but are looking forward to a new adventure.
A special thank you to all the staff at the school reception for being so good at what they do!
I would also like to thank Mrs Gadsby for all her support, especially during the rough covid times.
And a big thank you to all the rest of Stokes Wood family.
We will miss all of you.

From a family moving away from Leicester

Twycross Zoo trip for Year 2

We had a really good trip to the zoo today.

The children from Stokes Wood were exemplary.
In the structured lesson they displayed outstanding awareness of habitats, animals and the environment.
I spoke to the man who delivered the training and he was impressed with our group, saying they were 'very good'.
A young lad, by the name of Harry, was particularly well informed and enthusiastic. I have asked him to come and see you, on his return, to pass on my praise.
At lunch time they were seated and well behaved while other schools were running around.
The knowledge level leading up to the trip made the experience more meaningful.

Sadly they did not believe that the Zebras were horses in pyjamas or see any animals that were Dangeroos.

Well done Stokes Wood

Ian B.(Safeguarding Governor)

Carbon Literacy Training

It was an absolute pleasure to delivery our carbon literacy training to Year 6 at Stokes Wood Primary School. We really enjoyed working with all the children and staff. The children were very enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about climate change and what it takes to make the environment a better place. The children came up with some fantastic ideas of how to tackle climate change and how to influence others to do the same

Lee Jowett, Sustainable Schools Manager and the Sustainable Schools Team, Leicester City Council

Thank you for your visit to Abbey Pumping Station

It was a pleasure being part of your school visit today, here at Abbey Pumping Station.
Thank you for coming and creating such a smooth, educational and relaxing visit to the museum.
Hope your walk and activities this afternoon are happily successful as well.
Look forward to seeing you again sometime. Certainly a warm welcome return from us Museum staff!
For the fabulous resources you created, we will be certainly using these for the museum, and shortly, will be adding them to our website. I hope it is ok to jig a few bits and bobs around. Will also put a courtesy blurb on the resources, thanking your school.

Kind regards Jade and Guy

Well done Mr Essat’s class… great ambassadors for Stokes Wood

It was super to hear that Mr Essat’s class made a great impression on the bus driver who took them swimming this week. He told Mr Hill that he was extremely impressed and complemented their behaviour and good manners.

Confidence Bus and Coach hire

Food for Life

Thank you for having us today too. It was great to film the children and to be able to enjoy lunch with them.  
All the children Lisa and I talked to were very polite and friendly. They are a real credit to the school.

Charlotte and Lisa-Soil Association Food for Life

School Meals service

I just wanted to say a big thank you for yesterday, Stacey and Kuldeep were both so impressed with the caring attitude from both yourself and Sam, and what a lovely caring school Stokes Wood is.
Thank you for your support because without it I would not be able to give students like Stacey the opportunity to work in one of our schools.

Dawn Brookes-City Catering Area Manager