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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Visitors and Parent Comments

Visitor and Parents’ comments about our school.

Sustrans Big Pedal 2021
Just a quick email to say thank you for inviting us back into your school. We really enjoyed it and every child that collected a bike at the end of the day thanked Mel and I which is really appreciated and lovely

Anna and Mel (Sustrans)

Sustrans Big Pedal 2021
Please say thank you to whoever started the Sustrans.
Please let them know my son was able to start riding his bike without his stabilisers within an hour from their tips given before the holidays

We are all so happy!!!!!!!!

Pupil's Mum

Thank you for your email. 
Thank you for all you have done to ensure our children safety while at school. I know Samantha truly enjoys her days at school and would welcome being back full time.

Adrene and Simon Henley

Wow! That is awesome. I absolutely love the certificate.  
Thank you, Miss Yates for all the appreciation and support, which motivates us to do all that we've done so far.
But you and Miss Chifchi (if I spelt that right) have been indeed truly amazing and deserving a reward. Its overwhelming to have Lisa under your guidance. She has learnt to love school once again after moving from her old one, and it is truly due to you.
I truly appreciate all that you do to support our children and us parents.
Hope you have a great weekend. And I look forward to seeing you soon at school.

Love and regards Lorraine (Lisa's Mum)

Hi Mr Brown
It was lovely to be in your school again. I always see such wonderful things going on to support the children.

HLove and regards Lorraine (Lisa's Mum)

I would like to congratulate staff and pupils on the very high level of progress that pupils in your school demonstrated in reading, writing and maths in the Key Stage Assessment in 2019. You were in the top 3% of schools in the country. Thank you for your work in continuing to drive towards higher academic standards.

From Nick Gibb MP 20/01/2020

I am writing to congratulate you on your fantastic Key Stage 2 results in 2019 increasing the percentage reaching the expected standard in reading, writing and maths from 57% in 2018 to 68% in 2019. This shows the hard work and dedication of your team is paying off and is a testament to you and your team.

From Liz Kendall MP

I as a parent, would like to thank you and your school for everything you have provided us with in regards to online schooling and packs of printed sheets for my daughter. Really appreciate it.

From a Parent July 2020

Dear Miss Lenton and the team at Stokes Wood Primary School,
My son will be accepting a place at your school.
I have had lovely feedback from a parent that I met on a mums group how good your school is.
I have also been on the Facebook group for a couple of months and see really positive posts especially during these uncertain times - it’s been very reassuring.
I look forward up receiving more information soon.

New Reception Parent

The performance of 14 girls from Stokes Wood was absolutely outstanding from start to finish and along with two staff members were a credit to their school.
We had a question and answering session on the following:
What is CPR, MIS, TEAM and the 5TS in football and the importance on being able to deliver them. A super participation from all the girls who listened and responded extremely well and were asked to focus and delivering the key points to demonstrate their understanding of them during the coaching session and 7v7 match.
The players were absolutely brilliant from the word go, focusing on all coaching points delivered to them.
On behalf of Anita, my colleague and myself we wish to thank our team off the field, the two members were awesome all afternoon, thank you to them both.
Anita and myself as coaches are required to deliver our Core Values "
Engage, Inspire and Empower through Togetherness, Respect and Pride".
On behalf of us both, we ask the players and staff of Stokes Wood Primary school to take a bow, you all delivered these Core values and had us totally engaged all afternoon. It was a pleasure for Anita and myself, your pupils and staff provided us with a thoroughly inspirational day.

Andy Gilroy-Leicester City Football Club

Thank you for your kind words in respect of your visit to County Hall, I am pleased you enjoyed it. It was my privilege to meet with the young people they were a joy to meet and demonstrated understanding of the subject. Their questions and comments were all excellent and showed that they had thought about the issues they were looking at. The school should be proud of these pupils.

Pam Posnett-Chairman

I would like to compliment the teachers from F2 class for work, effort and commitment presented in school year 2018/2019. All teachers are fully engaged in process of helping our daugthers. The way how our childs were encouraged to learn new things, under the guidance of such wonderful mentors like teachers mentioned above give us trust that they will develop faster as we excect. We always preach “winning and losing is not what it’s about, it’s always about how you play the game”. Those all teachers practically implemented that principle. We are really appreciate and admire the kind of effort and dedication made by teachers. The hard work and sincere efforts of all the teachers was clearly visible. It was great to see our daughter with her teacher looking so proud when she was rewarded one day in Assembly. Cheers to your F2 team’s energy, passion and discipline to execute all the races on time and in structured manner. Especially the teachers presented that attributes with our daughters so many times. Regards of both our daughters let me point some success during the first school year in their live:
1. Lot of improvement in picking up English words
2. Become independent (things like changing clothes & wearing shoes, eating looks so different now)
3. Correlation their habbits at home with what is being taught in school
Finally we would like to say that the Stokeswood wasn’t our first choice when we applied for the school for our child’s by when we walked through doors, we immediately felt that it was a school that we dreamt for before. And it’s valued was not plaques on wall, it’s valued were actions that every single person within its walls demonstrated every day. Please convey our best wishes to the respected teachers and the all support staff who have helped our children grow into responsible beings.

Monika Bronk-Wolska & Krzysztof Wolski (parents)

Thank you so much for your time on a busy Thursday morning last week. Please pass on my thanks to Kasper and Bailey who showed me around your breakfast provision. It was great to see your playground bagels in action. The children that I spoke to all liked the bagels and siblings were enjoying them too. You had bagel stations strategically placed to cover all entrance points to the school, so everyone could easily access a bagel if required. There was a great atmosphere around school and a lovely sense of community in the playground. Some of the older children were sitting outside on benches chatting, all sharing a bagel in the sunshine. I do hope that your freezer is fixed soon, and ready for September. Have a lovely summer holiday and I look forward to catching up with you in October.

Fiona Rinvolucri, School Partner, Central. National School Breakfast Programme

I am writing to thank everyone involved for making my visit with Wonderdome Planetarium such an enjoyable one. All the staff were enthusiastic and supportive and the children responded to the shows with interest and enthusiasm. You have some good young scientists at Stokes Wood and I am sure that the school will enhance their knowledge and understanding. It was particularly good to be part of Funday and welcome parents into the planetarium. Their response and comments showed that they value the school very highly. So thanks once again for inviting Wonderdome into your outstanding school. We look forward to visiting you again on a future occasion.

Dennis Ashton-Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society-STEMnet Science Ambassador

Thank you for everything you've done with Sustrans. I've loved coming into Stokes Wood-the staff are wonderfuland the children are fantastic! It's been great to see the numbers of cycling and scooting increase so much and I hope it continues to do so. You are definitely my top school in terms of numbers cycling and scooting to school.

Nichola Jackson from Sustrans