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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 4

Djembe drumming performance

What a fantastic performance. Mr Bailey really gets the musical best from our Year 4 children. As you can see from the photos , we welcomed a large audience of parents as well as pupils.
Well done Year 4.

Rainbow Laces Event at LCFC

8 children attended the Rainbow Laces event where they discussed equality and created a wonderful poster which is displayed at the front of the school hall. The poster focuses on all the important qualities we wish to develop in ourselves at Stokes Wood: respect, tolerance, understanding, support for others and being able to speak out about what we believe in.  As you can see there was plenty of creativity during the event.

Egyptian Style painting

Year 4 children have really enjoyed their history topic, learning about the Egyptians. Here you can see them really focussed on painting in the Egyptian style.

Human Body

Year 4 pupils have been learning how the human body deals with food to get the energy it needs . You can see the children cutting and mashing food to represent the action of our teeth. They then had to sequence the parts of the digestive system.

Egyptian Day

Right at the beginning of term Cleopatra made a surprise visit to Stokes Wood. This was a stroke og good luck as Year 4 had just started their history topic on the Ancient Egyptians. Learning about mumification and building pyramids from an Egyptian Queen was really interesting and very memorable.