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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 4

Bradgate Park visit

Another active day in a local park, investigating land use and habitats. We don’t have to venture far to learn lots of useful and interesting facts and skills.

Trip to Abbey Park

We had an active time at Abbey Park and also visited the Pumping Station. It was a geography and history based visit. However the Victorian toilets always fascinate us!!


Year 4 pupils learn to play the Djembe drums in music each year. As usual, children and parents were treated to a wonderful performance of African drumming and the end of the series of sessions.

Making tuna wraps in DT

Year 4 pupils learned how to make some deliciously healthy tuna wraps in DT. The learning was focussed on the food values of the ingredients and of course how to ensure they were made hygienically. A balanced diet is extremely important for a growing year 4 pupils: protein from the tuna, fibre and vitamins from the salad and carbohydrates from the wrap. In addition tuna contains fish oils which are very good for developing a brain!

Forest School

PE lessons at Stokes Wood are varied to ensure that everyone can find a physical activity they really enjoy, can excel at and be creative. Forest School is a particular favourite of everyone building characteristics and skills such as creative thinking, problem solving, resilience, team work and much more.

In this session, the children made their forest friends out of natural objects and plant material.

DT Treasure Boxes

Year 4 pupils investigated a range of 3d shapes that could be used to make a box to keep their treasure in. They then chose a shape and made their boxes. I noticed one was a Toblerone box….. I wonder if it was a full one?

Earthquake detector alarm

As year 4 had been learning about earthquakes and volcanoes in Geography and electricity in Science, the obvious activity in DT was to design an alarm to detect an earthquake. Here are 4 excellent examples of what the children were able to design and construct. However all the alarms were successful and did the job! We won’t wish for an earthquake to test them though!

Stop Bullying RAP

Year 4 pupils have linked their musical learning with their learning in PSHE which has resulted in an amazing performance of the Stop Bullying RAP.

To hear the performance click on the link below.

Tasty visit by university students!

It’ll be a few years before we get there ourselves so it was good to find out what life at university would be like! Students from the University of Leicester visited us to talk about what makes up a healthy – and an unhealthy – diet. We learned a lot and got to ask many questions about the foods we should eat to keep us fit and healthy.

Cleopatra’s visit to Year 4  during the Ancient Egypt topic

The Queen of Egypt visited Stokes Wood early in the Autumn Term. The pupils learned how to mummify a pharaoh as you can see in the pictures. They also learned how to write in hieroglyphics, how to build a pyramid, how to weave  and about children’s games. It was great fun as well as being so interesting and informative.