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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 5

Space Centre visit

As part of their Science curriculum, Year 5 pupils visited the Space Centre. As you can see they enjoyed being astronauts as well as experiencing lots of Space related learning.

Go Cycling

As you can see the Year 5 attended a Leicester City School Sports Network RESILIENCE event just before the end of term. Once again we were pleased to take several children who hadn't represented Stokes Wood before. The challenges required them to show effort and persistence, hence the title resilience event. Well done everyone.

Viking visit

A real live Viking visited the Year 5 pupils at Stokes Wood. The visit gave the children the opportunity to learn about Viking life in  real life scenarios, dressing up, using their tools, handling artefacts and playing their games. It was a great way to learn. That chain mail looks very heavy.

Year 5 visit the Victory Show as part of their World War 2 topic.

The children came back buzzing after their day at the Victory Show. It was just like going back in time to the years of Word War 2. The day was interactive and the children could explore the tanks and jeeps and also have a go with the rifles and the communication equipment. It was an excellent start to their topic in the Autumn term.