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Year 6

Ali Baba and the Bongo Bandits

The end of year leavers performance was another masterpiece of drama, dance and song. The Year 6 team produces an amazing spectacle. Pupils who were shy and quiet were transformed into confident actors, dancers and singers. The rest of us were entertained and really enjoyed the excellent performance. Congratulations to staff and pupils alike!

Life goes on...and on

Inspired by Darwin’s epic voyage on board the HMS Beagle in the reign of Queen Victoria, and the fate of the peppered moth during the Industrial Revolution, we have been learning about the scientific theory of evolution and contrasting it to religious beliefs about how life was created. Our experiments certainly helped us to understand ‘natural selection’ and ‘survival of the fittest’.

Catch of the day!

Cooking with two of the ingredients of our fishcakes – fish and vegetables – we found out about the different types of food we need for a healthy diet. We read about how potatoes are grown and harvested and we discussed the need to conserve fish stocks in our seas, which are being affected by global warming and overfishing.

Potty about Mayan art

Mimicking the beautiful arts and crafts of the ancient Mayan civilisation of Mexico and Central America, we were inspired to design and make our own clay pots. We decorated our creations with glossy paint to add a delightful finishing touch!

Back to Mayan times

Learning about the Mayan Civilisation of Mexico and Central America, we connected our research to other periods of history, such as Ancient Egypt. Digging deep into the past, we learned about the archaeological evidence left behind by the ancient peoples and about their traditions, some of which are continued by the modern Maya of today.

Heart and soul

We have been contemplating the attitudes of major religions to money, nature and love. Meditating on Sikhism, Islam and Christianity, we have learned that different faiths have common codes of belief about everyday issues that affect people all over the world.

Art of darkness

Taking the theme of ‘Monsters’, while reading books such as The Lost Happy Endings and The Monster Calls, we were inspired by the work of illustrators Jane Ray and Jan Pienkowski to create our own versions of their spooktacular artwork. We practised shading effects with watercolours, as well as designing silhouettes on marbled backgrounds.

Heart of the Amazon

Considering the whole world’s abuzz with concern for our climate, it was interesting to study the ‘lungs’ of the world – the Amazon rainforest. As well as learning about the human and physical geography of South America, we linked our work to our science topic - living things and their habitats.

Heart of mould

While learning about Carl Linnaeus and his system of classification, we grouped animals and plants into different sets and sub-sets. Researching animals, plants and micro-organisms, we even set up a fair-test investigation to observe the growth of mould on different types of bread.