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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 6

Pilgrim's presentation

One of our teachers, Miss Master, who had been on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca recently, dropped in on one of our lessons about Islam to speak about her experience of the religious journey. She told us about the different rituals performed by worshippers and the significance of the pilgrimage - one of the five pillars of Islam. Really fascinating!

Place of worship

As part of our lessons about the world’s major religions, the Year 6s visited Leicester Central Mosque. Our gracious host was Imam Shoaib Altaf, who showed us around the magnificent domed building, including the prayer halls and the Wudu room where worshippers wash before prayer. Kindly, he answered our questions about the mosque and about how Muslims practise their faith.

Expedition to the Amazon

Considering the whole world’s abuzz with concern for our climate, it was interesting to study the ‘lungs’ of the world – the Amazon rainforest. As well as learning about the human and physical geography of South America, we linked our work to our science topic - living things and their habitats.

The magnificent Maya

Learning about the Mayan Civilisation of Mexico and Central America, we connected our research to other periods of history, such as Ancient Egypt. Digging deep into the past, we learned about the archaeological evidence left behind by the ancient peoples and about their traditions, some of which are continued by the modern Maya of today.

Life on Earth

Inspired by Darwin’s epic voyage on board the HMS Beagle in the reign of Queen Victoria, and the fate of the peppered moth during the Industrial Revolution, we have been learning about the scientific theory of evolution and contrasting it to religious beliefs about how life was created. Our experiments certainly helped us to understand ‘natural selection’ and ‘survival of the fittest’.

Potty about Maya pots!

Mimicking the beautiful arts and crafts of the ancient Maya civilisation of Mexico and Central America, we were inspired to design and make our own clay pots. In our history lessons, we learned that the Maya were an amazingly creative people who lived in separate city-states in tropical areas.

Class acts!

While learning about Carl Linnaeus and his system of classification, we grouped animals and plants into different sets and sub-sets. Researching animals, plants and micro-organisms, we even set up a fair-test investigation to observe the growth of mould on different types of bread

DT Playground structures

Year 6 pupils researched,  designed, constructed and evaluated playground structures. As you can see, they needed to wear appropriate PPE ( goggles) and learned how to use saws and other appropriate tools. There was plenty of concentration (and enjoyment) as evidenced in the photos.

Safer Internet Day

KS2 watched a drama performance which gave some very valuable and important messages about using apps safely. Year 6 followed this up by attending a workshop with the actors which was also about internet safety. In the afternoon the Year 6 pupils watched a video regarding using phones safely using the headsets you can see in the photos which make it seems like they are in the video.