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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

The 6Rs

6Rs assembly

Every term we celebrate 6 achievements in each class  through our 6Rs project. Even during Covid, we recognised those pupils who had demonstrated the characteristics of our 6Rs super heroes. In fact, we all needed to show strong personal qualities and flex our learning muscles to overcome the challenges of the last 18 months. And… we did it so well. Congratulations to everyone and especially those who received a 6Rs certificate in the last year. Hopefully we will be back to face to face award assemblies very soon.

To look forward to this, please have a look at the last face to face 6Rs assembly photos and video!

 6Rs video

The school council made a film to promote our school project the, 6Rs.
The film was great fun to make and the children also edited it, put on the sound and the music too. Mr Brown and Mr Jordan also starred!

Please click link below to view:

The 6Rs

Stokes Wood has implemented a programme of work known as the ‘6Rs’ into their curriculum.

The 6Rs have become central to our ethos at Stokes Wood Primary School. They are 6 positive learning behaviours that promote good and effective learning for life. Each R represents a characteristic that we teach, encourage and foster through our whole curriculum and as a whole school community. They underpin everything we do and are central to our belief that every child has the ability and right to learn and achieve to their full potential. Each R has its own superhero that demonstrates that learning behaviour. You will see these shown prominently throughout the school. We are proud that the children can articulate these behaviours and use them to improve their learning.

Ready Richard

Readiness means being prepared mentally and physically for learning.                                                                             
A learner is ready to learn when they:
•      Believe in themselves
•      Gives good eye contact and actively listens
•      Is interested
•      Has equipment read
•      Other vocabulary linked ready: listening, concentration and organised.

Resourceful Rachel

Being resourceful means knowing ‘what to do’ and ‘where to go’ to support their learning.                  

A resourceful learner:
• Uses imagination
• Asks good questions
• Learns in different ways
• Works well with others
• Other vocabulary linked with resourceful: teamwork, adaptable and curiosity

Reflective Ross

The reflective learner ‘learns from experience’ and considers all the possibilities.                                     

A reflective learner:
 Asks ‘why?’ and ‘How?’
• Stays calm
• Listens to and considers different opinions
• Learns from mistakes
• Thinks about how they learned in the past
• Considers where they can use their learning in the future#
• Other vocabulary linked with reflective: making links, revising and questioning

Responsible Ruth

Being responsible means ‘looking after yourself and others’                                                          

A responsible learner knows to:
• Stay calm
• Get on with it
• Plan ahead
• Make good choices
• Take care of possessions and the environment
• Other vocabulary linked with responsible: kindness, fairness, managing impulsivity
   and honesty

Resilient Ryan

Being resilient means ‘sticking at it’ even when things are difficult or really challenging.                    

A resilient learner:
• Has a positive attitude
• Find interest in what they are doing
• Sets targets and works towards them
• Practises
• Knows their strengths/weaknesses and strives to improve
• Other vocabulary linked with resilience: perseverance, courage and positive

Risk-taker Ruby

The risk taking learners ‘thinks outside the box.’                                                                          

A risk taking learner:
• Gives everything a go
• Thinks about things in different ways
• Isn’t afraid to get involved
• Is able to fail and learn from this
• Is a problem solver
• Has self-belief and confidence
• Other vocabulary linked with risk-taking: confidence, creativity and problem solver.