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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

British Values

British Values Focus Day

Stokes Wood held a British Values Focus Day on Friday May 13th. The celebration assemblies had a British Values focus. EYFS and KS1 discussed what a value is and how they are important in their lives out in the community, at home and at school. Volunteers came up to the front to role play and demonstrate the British Values as shown on the powerpoint.
The KS2 pupils analysed the British Values in more detail. They watched a video which demonstrated what life could be like if values were not considered important. Each year group then presented on the specific British Value they had learned about during the day.

Nursery, reception and Year 1 participated in a range of activities to demonstrate the importance of friendship within the British Values. Year 2 and Year 3 took part in and completed activities which explained the importance of RESPECT, TOLERANCE AND APPRECIATION OF OTHER FAITHS AND CULTURES.
Year 4 investigated how Individual Liberty is important in our lives and how our choices and freedoms can impact on those of others. Year 5 learned about the Rule of Law and Year 6 presented on DEMOCRACY. Did you know that the word democracy comes from the Greek words demos which means people and Kratos which means strength of rule…. together it means ruled by the people?

British Values for Children

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