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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

British Values

Show Racism the Red Card

A group from Year 5 attend the Show Racism the Red Card Event at Leicester City Football Club each year. This year Ricardo Pereira and Alex Pascanu with Gerry Taggart, worked with the children to help them understand the issues.
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A message from a Year 6 pupil

Whether you are fat, tall, skinny, short, young, or a different colour, we are all people. Lift each other up and encourage one another, support each other. If your friend has a dream or a goal, encourage them; make it happen. Text them saying, “ I believe in you!” or write them a note saying, “You can do it!”

Don’t put other people down because what do you get out of it? NOTHING!
I don’t know about you, but I am always looking to improve myself and be a better person than I was before. I just keep updating. Don’t forget perfection does not exist and we live in such a small world.

No matter what your appearance, just be yourself and embrace the things you don’t like about yourself; they are natural and no-one is perfect. You have what is inside you. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. You are handcrafted to be who you are and you’re beautiful just the way you are, change yourself for no-one, only grow and evolve to become a better you.