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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.


Fun on the balance bikes

Reception children have been learning how to balance on a two wheel bike with expert Tiffany Fletcher from British Cycling. As the photos prove, the children succeeded and had lots of fun too.


Teddy bear hospital.

Medical students from Leicester University visited reception to examine and treat all the poorly teddy bears and other toys. The children joined in and learned lots about going to see the doctor and dentist, how doctors and dentists help and that there is nothing to be afraid of. They also learned about how to keep themselves fit and well.


Visit to Conkers

Reception pupils went on a wonderful visit to Conkers before Christmas. It was like Lapland!! Great fun!


Tree Planting

On Tuesday 29th October Reception took part in planting some trees on the school grounds, in order to contribute to the sustainability of our planet.  They teamed up with Year 3 to help plant some of the 200 trees planted in total.  They took turns to dig the hole, and worked as a team to secure their tree.



The children had lots of spooky fun at school!  They dressed up, made their own wands, and they even made their own magic potions!  On Thursday, each class made their own potion full of bat blood, troll bogies and zombie sick (all pretend of course!) and had a taster session at the end….  luckily no children were turned into frogs on this occasion!


Diwali 2019

We had lots of fun learning about Diwali!  The children learnt why it was called the Festival of Light and made their own diva lamps.  They dressed up in sari’s, learnt a traditional dance, and even had a food tasting session!  To finish off the week, the children had the opportunity to have their own Mehndi patterns on their hands, which they loved!


Curiosity Approach

We are delighted to announce that our Early Years and Year 1 departments have had a transformation.

We have been inspired by The Curiosity Approach and have swapped our plastic toys for real, authentic resources, to give the children in our care the best start to their education.

Our natural resources allow the children to create their own stories and ignite their imaginations, allowing them to be more curious, more inquisitive and to communicate their thought processes successfully.

We support the children in handling the resources carefully, understanding consequences and respect for objects. This is all part of our learning journey!

Please have a look at the photographs of our provision in action