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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 1


Year 1 are working really hard on our phonics at school and it would be great if you could also play some phonics games at home. Here are some links that will support your child with their Phonics learning.

Mr T's Phonics - YouTube

Year 1 Football

Here are the Leicester City stars of the future!! We need some at the moment. Foxes never quit and children at Stokes Wood don’t either.

Battle of Bosworth

The Battle of Bosworth came to Stokes Wood very recently. King Richard 111 of York and his army fought against Henry Tudor of Lancaster and his army.
As we know it was King Richard’s last battle and the rest is history!

The Year 1 children learned all aboutthe battle whilst being a soldier in one of the armies.

Gorse Hill Farm visit

As part of our Science and Geography topics, we visited Gorse hill Farm. We walked all the way too. As you can see we saw lots of animals and learned all about how they live, where they live, what they eat and lots more.

Year 1 love reading

On the snow day, the storyteller from the library came to Stokes Wood and stayed all morning because the other schools were closed. We loved it!

KS1 pupils sing at Abbey House Care Home

The Key Stage 1 children walked down to Abbey House Care Home in the cold and snow to sing to the old ladies and gentlemen. The older generation were inside in the warm, but they really enjoyed the children’s beautiful singing and smiling faces. When it began to snow it made it even more perfect!

Christmas songs for Year 1 and 2

Parents and family were entertained by our Year  1 and 2 children who sang a series of Christmas songs and carols beautifully. The children really enjoyed singing with accompanying actions and the faces of the parents showed how much they enjoyed the performance (many joining in too!).

Pop up toys in DT

Year 1 children have been designing and making pop-up toys to share with their friends. They looked carefully at different types of toys and then had a go at making some themselves.


Year 1 pupils celebrated Diwali by making divas. They modelled the divas using clay and then painted creative and colourful designs.


Year 1 children  have been learning about portraits. We’ve had a go at recreating the Mona Lisa and then had a go at drawing a portrait of our friend.


Year 1 children have been learning about their senses and the children completed a taste test. I think we can tell what they thought of the tastes by the looks on their faces!