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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Year 2

KS1 pupils sing at Abbey House Care Home

The Y1 and Y2 children walked down to Abbey House Care home where they entertained the elderly ladies and gentlemen whilst they ate their breakfast. The children sang beautifully and were rewarded with chocolate 😊

Police visit to Year 2

PCSO Peter Smith visited Year 2 to talk to them about making good choices and to have a bit of fun as you can see!

Beaumanor Hall Victorian Day

Year 2 pupils, staff and governors, travelled back in time to Victorian times. They experienced what it was like to attend a Victorian school. It was very strict!! They also experienced Victorian home life. Doing the washing was a much harder job in those days !

A day out at the Leicester City Football Club Training Ground at Seagrave.

Leicester City in the Community wanted to thank us for the school’s help and our involvement with them in lots of things. The lucky children were Year 2 who were invited to the training ground at Seagrave. They took part in lots of physical activities in the training dome which were great fun. The children all behaved brilliantly. Hopefully they will be invited back!

Author visit

On World Book Day, Chris Alton, our friendly author visited school . He talked about his books and supported pupils with activities all about writing. Who knows, maybe one day, we will be reading one of their books.


In Art, we have used our mathematical knowledge to make a repeated pattern using our own block print. We’ve had fun designing a printing tile and using everyday objects to create firework effects. We have also evaluated our own and peers’ artwork and enjoyed a gallery walk at the end of the unit.


In DT we have designed, made and evaluated a hand-made decoration inspired by our Science topic – animals. We loved visiting the Butterfly Forest at Twycross Zoo so much that we made 3-D butterflies ourselves. What do you think about our stitching and decorating?

Nutrition and smoothies

First, we learned about nutrition, a healthy diet and food safety. Then, we applied our knowledge to make a healthy smoothie. Some of the chefs were very creative and served scrumptious rainforest smoothies. Others, have learned not to add too much grapefruit juice.

Persuasion text

In Literacy, we had to persuade our chairs to come back as they went on strike. Luckily, we are becoming very creative writers and our apology letters convinced the chairs to come back. Most of us achieved our writing targets independently and others after a discussion with a peer or a teacher.


In Maths, we have used our knowledge of place value and counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to count money and to make different amounts of money. We enjoyed playing in our little toy shop. Let’s see how this knowledge will help us multiply.

Playing musical instruments

In Music, we have been exploring tuned and untuned musical instruments. We had learned about pitch, tempo and duration which helped us to play Twinkle Twinkle on the chime bars. During our open evening, we entertained our parents with beautiful sounds and they could not resist to play and sing themselves.

Animal hunt

We have been curious scientists, asked and answered questions and used equipment to observe different animals and habitats. We have found out that the Buttercup Garden is a much busier habitat than the field or the playground because there are more plants there. During the open evening, we planted flowers and used digital microscopes to investigate different seeds.

Trip to the zoo

Our trip to Twycross Zoo was fantastic. We learned about animals and their habitats as well as their adaptations. Did you know that penguins are birds but cannot fly? However, they are excellent swimmers and very sociable animals. Giraffes have long black tongues that allow them to eat leaves in the hot weather for 18 hours a day. How impressive that is!

KS1 pupils sing at Abbey House Care Home

The Key Stage 1 children walked down to Abbey House Care Home in the cold and snow to sing to the old ladies and gentlemen. The older generation were inside in the warm, but they really enjoyed the children’s beautiful singing and smiling faces. When it began to snow it made it even more perfect!

Christmas songs for Year 1 and 2

Parents and family were entertained by our Year  1 and 2 children who sang a series of Christmas songs and carols beautifully. The children really enjoyed singing with accompanying actions and the faces of the parents showed how much they enjoyed the performance (many joining in too!).

Year 2 trip to Twycross Zoo

Y2 love their trips to Twycross Zoo and so do the staff and governors. They learned all about habitats and adaption as well as understanding how animals rely on plants and other animals for food. Back at school they illustrated practically and by drawing how a food chain works in the ecosystem.