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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Headteacher Mrs Jane Gadsby
Deputy Head Miss Liz Stone (KS2 lead teacher and Maths/English co-ordinator/curriculum review lead, Y5 lead teacher)
Assistant Heads > Mr Bhavesh Patel (Data/Assessment, Science and Year 6 lead teacher)
> Mr Daniel Brown (SEND and Pastoral Care)
Leadership Team

> Mrs Karen Edwards (Y4 lead Teacher and Maths co-ordinator)
> Mrs Milena Ciftci (Y2 lead teacher)
> Mrs Sarah Hatcher (EYFS/Y1 lead teacher)
> Miss Kerry Lenton (EYFS/Y1 lead teacher)
> Mrs Sarah Woods (SENDCO)
> Mr Stephen Sorby (Y3 lead teacher)
> Mr Warrick Laverick (Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle)
> Mrs Jackie Clarke (TA team leader)

Office/Clerical Staff > Miss Hazel Bramley (Receptionist & Admin)
> Mrs Christine Meadows (Finance & IT)
> Mrs Jackie Bodicoat (Business Manager)
Library/Reading/EAL interventions
Music support teacher
> Mr Nick Hill
PE Mr Warrick Laverick Mr Andrew Turney (LCFCCT)
Behaviour and Learning Mentor/Pastoral Care Mrs Ela Sawicka Miss Laura Spradbury
Site Manager Mr Mo Bhana
Lunchtime Supervisors

EYFS and KS1/Y3
Mrs Cheryl Standley, Mrs Purvisha Patel, Miss Courtney Barden, Mrs Ramila Furborough, Mrs Kerry Easter, Mrs Charlene Freeman.

Mrs Sheila Hardyman, Mrs Michaela Koyuncuoglu.

Mrs Tracey Bagley, Miss Ellie-Mae Wilson, Mr Trevor Bagley, Mrs Tracey Hurst, Miss Chloe Pollock.

Miss Teresa Shearer, Mrs Pat Kyle, Mrs Lisa White, Mr Tony Knevett/Kyle Jordan, Miss Jodie Barker.

Walking Bus Mr Kyle Jordan
Mrs Charlene Freeman
Breakfast Club from 8.00am  Mrs Wendy Smith
Mrs Purvisha Patel
After School Club until 5.30pm  Mrs Wendy Smith, Mrs Michaela Koyuncuoglu and Miss Adriana Zugravu.
Cleaning Staff > Mrs Christine Rollings
> Hands Cleaners

Staff Structure 2020/21 and Year Group

Class Year Groups Teacher Level 2 & 3 TAs
Nursery Early Years Miss Kerry Lenton (Forest Schools) Mrs Rebbecca Mumford
Miss Kerry Easter
Reception Miss Alexia de Lisle
Mrs Sarah Hatcher (Nuture lead teacher/Speaking and Listening)
Mrs Tracy Wakeling
Miss Courtney Barden
Reception Miss Jodie Strickland Mrs Carol Walker
Mrs Ramila Furborough
Miss Leanne Moden
Year 1 Year 1 / KS1 Miss Sarah Brooksbank (History) Miss Abby Kenney
Mrs Sally Smith
Mrs Sarah Philips
Year 1
Mrs Emma Hart (Geography)
Mrs Tricia Hardyman
Mrs Tracey Bagley (PM)
Year 2 Year 2 / KS1 Mrs Milena Ciftci (Music) Mrs Michaela Koyuncuoglu
Miss Ellie-Mai Wilson
Year 2 Miss Georgia Yates (French) Mrs Wendy Smith
Miss Zoe Pegg
Nurture Group Little Acorns/Oaks Mrs Sally Smith
Mrs Trisha Hardyman
Superstars Mrs Sarah Woods
(SENDco) 2 days
Mrs Lisa White
Miss Chloe Pollock
Year 3 Year 3 / KS2 Mr Stephen Sorby Miss Adriana Zugravu
Miss Shelby Berrill
Year 3 Miss Surayya Master Mrs Jade Bevans
Mrs Di Dunkley
Year 4 Year 4 / KS2
Mr Daniel Bradshaw
Miss Patel
Year 4 Mrs Sarah McCulloch (RE/PSHE) Mrs Debra Lilley
Miss Chloe Pollock
Year 4 Mrs Karen Edwards Mrs Vicky Feeney
Mrs Kerry Payne
Year 5 Year 5 / KS2 Miss Natalie Cheetham Mrs Jody Dean
Mrs Paulina Misiak
Year 5 Miss Alex Neale Mrs Jackie Clarke
Year 5 Miss Elizabeth Stone Miss Teresa Shearer
Miss Jodie Barker
Mrs Tracy Ovens
Year 6 Year 6 / KS2 Mr Bhavesh Patel Mr Kyle Jordan
Mr Tony Knevett
Mrs Jacinda Toogood
Miss Laura Spradbury (learning and behaviour mentor)
Year 6 Mr James Smith Miss Linda Morris
Mr Roland Kulinski (Learning and Behaviour mentor)
Mrs Tally Kaur
Pupil Premium / Interventions / Academic Coaching Mr Neil Tansley (Y4-5)
Miss Alexia de Lisle (EYFS)
Mrs Nicola Rood (Y5-6)
Mr Trevor Bagley

Mrs Lisa White