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At Stokes Wood the safeguarding, welfare, physical and emotional well-being of our children and their families are a priority. As such, any concerns which contradict this will be acted on immediately.

Little Oaks

Within the year one department we are very lucky to have our own Nurture classroom.

Little Oaks is a place for the children to work together and develop their social and emotional well-being, as well as learn lots, while having fun!

End of year report for Nurture


Little Oaks

Little Oaks have had a fantastic start to the year. We have been learning about how to be good friends and about teamwork.

In Little Oaks we have been learning our numbers to 10, playing lots of games and using a range of resources to learn.
We have been making our numbers out of the play dough and working together to count accurately.


We have been finding our numbers in the water tray and matching the number to the correct number of spots. We are getting really good at our counting.


In little oaks we play lots of make believe games and do lots of dressing up. We enjoy taking turns and sharing, making sure that everyone has a happy time in Little Oaks.



We are also getting very good at construction. We have to work as a team to make sure our tower is tall and can stand up on it’s own.