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Early Reading

How can I help my child learn to read?

Parents, after you have read the parents’ phonics power-point, take a look at the phase 2 to 5 mats which will support you and your child with the phonic sounds for each grapheme ( letter or group of letters) and with writing each letter correctly. Children start using pre-cursive writing from the beginning of Y1.

Any questions, please ask your child’s teacher. If there is anything else which would be helpful, please let your child’s teacher know.

Phase 2 joint

Phase 2 letters and sounds

Phase 3 letters and sounds

Phase 5 letters and sounds

Click on this link to hear the SPEED SOUNDS for Foundation Stage and Year 1:

Below are the links to some early reading and phonics games and activities for you and your child to enjoy and practise their leaning.

Early reading/ phonics games:

Mr T's Phonics - YouTube

Supporting your childs reading

Parents, you will find the following power-point useful when supporting your child to develop their reading skills further.

Year 2 Reading Strategies 2022

Further information

Further information about how early reading and phonics are taught at Stokes Wood Primary School can be found below.

Early Reading SEF complete

Reading Progression statements and teaching strategies

EYFS SEF 2023-2024